Johnny Garcia
Property Management: Broker / Owner

314-353-0336 x405

Johnny would like to live in a world where emails are short, work is done right the first time. He’s been applauded on websites such as Trulia and Yelp for his professionalism and trustworthiness. He has implemented a companywide W.W.A.L. (What Would Amelia Like) policy for apartment standards. If his wife Amelia wouldn’t like it, then it needs to be changed. He can help make your investment property more profitable so you can enjoy your family and free time instead of collecting rents, doing maintenance, or screening potential tenants. When he’s not busy making his tenants happy and his clients’ lives easier, you can find him somewhere in the great outdoors. He’s also a conservationist and avid hunter – specializing in waterfowl.

Miguel Garcia
Property Management: Owner


Miguel oversees the improvement and maintenance of all of our properties. Given that most of them were built in 1929, he is a very busy man. His hobbies include a borderline unhealthy obsession with fishing, scuba diving, and taking his wife, MaryAnn, out on hot dates…while thinking about fishing. He also enjoys spending time with their two sweet little girls.

Brad Modde
Leasing Guru / Tenant Liaison

314-353-0336 x401

Brad has a very important job to do. He helps oodles of renters find an awesome new place to call home. He’s known as Leasing Guru, so please refer to him as such. We keep him around for his professional demeanor, stylish attire, and witty humor. He loves just hanging out with his wife, Ashlee and their 3 awesome kids. When he’s not scouting apartments, he enjoys golfing, making Starbucks runs, obsessing over Thanksgiving dinner, and watching college football.

Lyndsay Roy
Maintenance Coordinator

314-353-0336 x404

While technically Lyndsay assists in Management Operations, the title “Cat Herder” has also been used to described her position.  And although she’s here to assess your maintenance and/or management needs, she has a degree in Psychology so she could also assess how you really feel about your maintenance and/or management needs.

Lyndsay was born near Toronto, Canada and grew up in Northeast Ohio where she graduated from Ohio State University.  It was in Ohio that she not only fell in love with her husband, but also Buckeyes Football.  We’re happy that her love for her husband was greater than her love for the Buckeyes because he talked her into moving to the STL.  Fast forward a few years & here she is happily married with 3 children & an 11 year-old dog who still acts like a puppy.  When she’s not holding down the fort at Garcia Properties you might find her taking in a concert, cycling, doing XHIT workouts, gardening & trying out new recipes.  She’s a big fan of the great outdoors & traveling abroad whenever possible.

Alex Rodriguez
Leasing / Marketing Virtuoso


Alex – who was born and raised in Ghana – lived all over the world before settling in St. Louis. Alex loves this country and wants to help make it an even better place, so he officially became a US Citizen in 2015. He’s fluent in both English and Spanish, which comes in handy when assisting clients and on his family’s annual trip to Mexico. Alex formerly worked in hotel and hospitality management, so you can bet his customer service skills are on point. Although Alex isn’t a native Saint Louisan, he loves helping folks find great rentals all over the city. He has an amazing energy about him, always has a positive attitude, and is an all-around super nice guy. In Alex’s free time he tries to keep up with his wife, Bridget, and is a Super-Dad to their twin boys. His favorite things in life are his family and friends, board games, spicy food, and juicing.

Marti Bartels
Accounting Ninja

314-353-0336 x409

Marti is one of the friendly voices who answers the phones and handles so many important day-to-day tasks around the office. She prepares leases, assists with rental applications, keeps our permits up to date, and ensures we never run out of toilet paper. She enjoys spending time out in nature at Innsbrook with hubby, Dale, birdwatching, Sudoku, and sewing cute dresses for her granddaughters.

Randy Merrill
The Chuck Norris of Maintenance


Meet Randy! He’s a hard-working guy who takes pride in what he does; so you know whatever he’s working on is going to be done right (and with a smile). He’s the task master for all things maintenance around here so when your a/c isn’t cooling or your door knob is loose, he will be your knight in shining armor! On a chivalry scale of 1-10, he’s a 16 & sets a great example for his four kids with his wife he adores. When he’s not out saving the day, he’s probably got a basketball in his hands & multiple kids in tow (and maybe even a Pomeranian).