Berto Garcia
Development: Owner

314-353-0336 x406

With a background in corporate finance, Berto is our resident numbers guys. He structures our projects, manages our debt, and serves as liaison to our investors, both institutional and private. Berto is a proud resident of St. Louis Hills where he lives with his wife, Lauren, and two boys, Lucas and Kayden. His time off is spent in community activities, relaxing with his family, and doing “research”. He just can’t turn it off.

Ivan Garcia
Development: Owner

314-353-0336 x418

Since childhood, Ivan has been asking, “Why?” He pushes Garcia Development to be as impactful as possible. Ivan enjoys nothing more than helping people and buildings be the best versions of themselves. He loves living in south St. Louis where he pesters his wife, Jenifer, and two girls, Dale and Herbi, who are named after their grandpa’s. When not working, he is usually rock climbing and questioning everything.

Jenifer Garcia
Real Estate Sales: Broker/Owner


Jenifer has built a boutique brokerage that puts people first. She enjoys training, mentoring & nurturing agents who have become some of St Louis’ top Realtors. She instills in her tribe a focus on making lifelong customers through integrity & thoughtful service. Jenifer loves the challenge of a sale and she’s determined to make St Louis an even more beautiful place. She works closely with developers who transform homes that have fallen on hard times to their original (sometimes better!) glory. When she’s not working with her office family, you can find her getting her “om” on at yoga or out in the woods with her hubby, Ivan, & their two little girls.

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Johnny Garcia
Property Management: Broker / Owner

314-353-0336 x405

Johnny would like to live in a world where emails are short, work is done right the first time. He’s been applauded on websites such as Trulia and Yelp for his professionalism and trustworthiness. He has implemented a companywide W.W.A.L. (What Would Amelia Like) policy for apartment standards. If his wife Amelia wouldn’t like it, then it needs to be changed. He can help make your investment property more profitable so you can enjoy your family and free time instead of collecting rents, doing maintenance, or screening potential tenants. When he’s not busy making his tenants happy and his clients’ lives easier, you can find him somewhere in the great outdoors. He’s also a conservationist and avid hunter – specializing in waterfowl.

Miguel Garcia
Property Management: Owner


Miguel oversees the improvement and maintenance of all of our properties. Given that most of them were built in 1929, he is a very busy man. His hobbies include a borderline unhealthy obsession with fishing, scuba diving, and taking his wife, MaryAnn, out on hot dates…while thinking about fishing. He also enjoys spending time with their two sweet little girls.