Featured Homeowners

 Danielle, 26: Director of Pharmacy

 Andrew, 27: Project Engineer

 Lewis, Mini Goldendoodle: Serious contender for cutest dog in the universe

Danielle & Andrew were married in 2015 & immediately set their sights on a new home.  They took a very realistic approach. They knew it wasn’t something they could accomplish overnight, so they revamped their cozy condo & made their piggy bank a priority.  This pair knew what they wanted & found a property right away.  Now they’ve got an amazing new pad to hang out with their loved ones playing piano into the wee hours of the night or simply enjoying a Cardinals game with a few friends.  While they made a ton of great memories in their first place together, they’re looking forward to a home they can grow into over the years.

What are the best features of your new home?

“Our favorite part  is the history-we love the original features preserved in this 1906 beauty, from sliding pocket doors to stunning fireplaces. I was sold on the tall ceilings & the wood floors. The cook in the house (thankfully for both of us, Andrew) adds that the kitchen is divine.” 

Did either of you have to compromise anything you wanted?  

“Since being married, I always said we could never buy a home without a double vanity. But after seeing this beautifully renovated gem in our favorite neighborhood, I decided I could deal with the blue toothpaste gracing my sink each morning.” 

If you were given $10,000 to improve your new home, what would you do?

“Right now, we would love to create an urban design in the backyard that is both functional for hosting & leaves room for puppy play in the yard. In the future, we will eventually finish the basement (likely for a grumpy teen that wants to be separated from us by an entire floor).” 

Do you see yourselves here five to ten years from now?

“Unless something wildly unexpected happens, we plan to be in our new home for many wonderful years. We can’t wait to expand our family (whether that be growth by babies or growth by puppies) in such a beautiful neighborhood full of diverse & passionate people.” 

We know Garcia Properties isn’t the only show in town, what made you choose us?

“We love that Garcia is an organization that is for the betterment of St. Louis City. We had heard nothing but praise about every element of the company, so in our minds, the decision was easy!” 

Your home looks AMAZING & we’re so happy that you’re so happy with your new place.  Congrats!



QUESTION: What’s your advice for someone considering buying their first home?

ANSWER:  You’ll probably will think this is an odd answer coming from someone who makes their living selling homes but my advice is to MAKE SURE YOU’RE READY for the COMMITMENT before you pull the trigger. Our society teaches us that homeownership is the “American Dream” & that EVERYONE needs to own their own place. We see examples proving that it should NOT be on everyone’s “to do” list literally every day. Homes are not self-maintaining. They need constant maintenance & repairs. The grass needs to be cut. The shrubs need to be tended to. The gutters need to be kept clean. Your sewer might sometimes back up…into your finished basement. Your roof may leak. Your furnace may go out on Christmas Eve. Your air conditioner might walk off in the middle of the night. The list of challenges go on and on. They do not stop. When these “fun” events occur, you can’t call your landlord & ask him to come FIX IT–it’s ALL you. Owning a home is some serious “adulting” so please just make sure you’re ready for it. We sell a lot of homes for people who quickly realize they weren’t up for the challenge. Not everyone needs to own their own home. There are other ways of investing (even investing in real estate!) other than doing this so if you don’t think it’s for you, please just say “no.” Homeownership CAN be wonderful when you’re ready; please just don’t jump the gun! 🙂



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